We often run into problems after updating some dependencies, flutter itself, or changing some setup configuration. Various things might go wrong and block you from building a flutter app while your colleagues don’t have any problem.

With the following steps, so far we could fix most of the problems building and running a flutter application.

A word of caution – as always, don’t copy blindly commands into your terminal you find online. Try to understand what they are doing and read about them before executing them. Otherwise, you might lose precious data on your computer.

Validate your Flutter installation

If you usually don’t build…

The title is a bit clickbaity — hopefully, you continue reading anyway 🙂

Ever got tired of running into bugs or build errors caused by an outdated dependency your colleague updated earlier? You don’t want to guide your PO, designer or Android developer how to install dependencies before hitting run in Xcode? Carthage Workflows will save you!

To automatically install dependencies, an option would be to just put carthage bootstrap --bootstrap --platform iOS --cache-builds into build phase script. So Xcode will run it every time you build. But bootstrapping takes some time, even when everything is actually up to date…

There is some buzz going around about using Redux-Style application architecture for iOS apps. The pattern is definitely worth a closer look and has some big advantages, but how well does it work in practice?
Many introductions to ReSwift are already out there, however, I haven’t seen great examples of how to apply ReSwift in an actual shippable application.
In this article, I attempt to demonstrate how an almost “real-world” application can be build using ReSwift while keeping everything testable and integrated well with system APIs and network services.

Introduction to ReSwift

As mentioned, there is already an abundancy of information introducing ReSwift…

Tobias Ottenweller

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